Blueshore Financials office with commercial digital signage created by 10net, who is a digital signage supplier located in North Vancouver, BC

BlueShore Financial

BlueShore wanted to create a unique visual experience for the newly built corporate headquarters in North Vancouver. This consisted of a wall featuring ambient ‘art glass lighting’ and a 36” cement column. BlueShore wanted the experience to be unique and to complement their ‘Financial Spa’ brand.

The synchronized content shown on all displays, giving a continuous and cohesive feel really sets the tone for the corporate office. It features the beautiful West Coast imagery intrinsic to the BlueShore Financial brand designed to engage and inspire clients and visitors.

BlueShore Financial branch locations wanted to create a personalized digital experience that kept their customers coming back into their branches.

BlueShore Financial selected 10net Focus to incorporate digital screens in all of their branches to communicate important product & services information, and to also create a unique customer experience using digital imagery.

Our solution included using digital displays at bank tellers and ATMs. One unique element of the project included a custom screen install that looked like art pieces hung throughout the branch.

Our dedicated managed services offering gives BlueShore the peace of mind that all systems are secure and performing well.

BlueShore Financial Branch
BlueShore Financial Branch
BlueShore Financial Branch
BlueShore Financial Branch

315 Mansfield Pl,
North Vancouver, BC V7J 1E4

1 (888) 881-0638

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