Axiom with display digital signage created by 10net, who is a digital signage supplier located in North Vancouver, BC

Axiom Builders

Axiom works closely with clients to construct residential and commercial buildings that stand the test of time. Moving into their new office in downtown Vancouver, they were eager to install an eye-catching LED wall to “WOW” visitors coming into the space.

As Axiom’s chosen digital signage company, 10net was able to provide them with the most technically advanced digital displays; Samsung’s IEA 1.5mm DVLED. Working with their interior design team, the ‘corner’ concept was chosen so that the display wrapped around the corner of the wall and could be seen as people approached the front door. The screens were installed recessed into the wall to maintain all the technical requirements for heat, airflow and serviceability.

This unique and sophisticated installation project wasn’t without its challenges; 10net had complex and custom mounting requirements. Each fragile DVLED display needed to have individual movement to provide ample airflow, as this is the only way to maintain the integrity, life span, and content of the displays.

10net’s adaptability, both technically and creatively, allowed them to accomplish a fully immersive yet ambient display system with success. Overall, the goal was to have a digital display system that would “WOW” anyone coming into the office.

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Axiom Builders Video Wall 10net
Axiom Builders Video Wall 10net
Axiom Builders Video Wall 10net

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