Kal Tire

Kal Tire

‘Trust’, is the word Kal Tire founder, Tom Foord, has built his business on. “I don’t think there’s a word you could use that more describes our company, we built up trust—that’s a very strong philosophy of mine….and in my experience I’ve found very, very few companies we do business with that have the same strong philosophy in doing business with trust.’ Kal Tire was founded by Tom Foord, a small town boy from Saskatchewan, who opened a service station in Vernon in the early 1950s. Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and North America’s largest commercial tire dealer. Over the last 60 years, customers have grown to trust Kal Tire for its commitment to service and integrity. Today, there are more than 250 Kal Tire stores from British Columbia to Ontario, with more opening each year. Founded by Tom Foord in 1953, and based in Vernon, BC.

Year2015ServicesHardware, software, managed solutions, installation

The Challenge:

Kal Tire came to 10net in 2015 because their existing service provider was struggling with deployment in multiple locations. They were struggling with reliability and having multiple people as a point of contact. They were looking to enhance the store and customer experience for their clients.  Kal Tire wanted a reliable, fully managed solution that could easily be deployed across all their locations with one point of contact. They use this system for educating their employees and clients, to help enhance the store experience as well as show their services and promotions.

The Solution:

10net worked with Kal Tire to provide hardware for every Kal Tire location across Canada, managed services for every location as well as worked with the team to ensure they were trained on how to use the content management system allowing them the freedom to change content as they saw fit.

With the implementation of these solutions, the Kal Tire store experience has been elevated to the next level. The screens are showing current promotions, services on offer and are on brand. Printing and shipping of marketing material costs are next to nothing. ‘The tire industry is one of the most competitive; it seems like everyone is trying to sell tires these days,’ Ken Chaun, Kal Tire’s senior vice-president of retail. “Since Tom Foord emphasized customer service and building trust, we have found a way to do that…A lot of people talk about doing this important stuff, but we actually do it.”