Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver has a vision for Vancouver to be known as the most exciting, attractive and welcoming city destination in North America and a must-visit year-round destination.

They invited us to reinvent the third largest tourism agency in the world in order to attract more visitors, get them to stay longer, spend more and say wonderful things about Vancouver during and after their visit.

Year2014ServicesContent Creation, Installation, project management, design, and management services, hardware, software, Audio, server room.

We co-designed and produced a high impact, multi-channel, digital platform for customer engagement as part of their new renovation.

  1. 3 x 3 Video wall
  2. 6 x 1 Linear video wall
  3. Kiosk
  4. Audio
  5. Spacial design

There has been an uplift in transactions by 25%. They have boosted awareness of what Vancouver has to offer visitors.  Also experiential elements enhance each visitor’s experience of Vancouver.