BlueShore Financial Spa

BlueShore Financial Spa

BlueShore’s customer commitment is to align your aspirations. Strong, stable, accountable, transparent. Their governance and leadership safeguard clients’ interests.

Year2015ServicesVideo wall, experiential design, spatial design, custom design, installation, transparent LED

BlueShore wanted to create a unique visual experience for the newly built corporate headquarters in North Vancouver. This consisted of a wall featuring ambient ‘art glass lighting’ and a 36” cement column. BlueShore wanted the experience to be unique and to complement their ‘Financial Spa’ brand.

  1. 20’ x 9.5’ permanent state-of-the-art XW5 transparent LED video wall, first of its kind in North America.
  2. Design and installation of a 12- screen video wall consisting of 32” LCD displays in a cascading mosaic of landscape and portrait configurations.
  3. Custom designed and fabricated mounts were used to fix the signage and cabling to the existing column support while remaining hidden.
  4. Custom DMX controlled lighting was integrated into the ‘art glass wall’, which allowed BlueShore Financial to control ambient lighting and colour based on the content being displayed or at user’s request.

The synchronized content shown on all displays, giving a continuous and cohesive feel really sets the tone for the corporate office. It features the beautiful West Coast imagery intrinsic to the BlueShore Financial brand designed to engage and inspire clients and visitors.

The impact to their flagship brand and office was impressive enough for 10net to be awarded the prestigious International Apex Installation Gold Medal in 2015.