10net & King Corp – A Strategic Partnership.

Today 10net is excited to announce its strategic partnership with King Business Services Corp, who offer the best point of sale solution on the market. 10net and King Corp have decided to work together in order to provide a better, more well-rounded solution for customers, new and existing.

‘Whether it is Digital signage, Digital menu boards or an interactive experience, our work with 10net will help our customers elevate their business and more importantly deliver on increased business.’ – Tim Shein, President King Business Corp.

 In the retail space, guests need a robust, user friendly point of sale solution as well as the ability to elevate the customer experience using digital technology.  This partnership is a winning combination that allows both teams to deliver a powerful and meaningful experience for potential customers.

‘We are honored to work alongside the King Corp Team in presenting a full Experiential Design and Point of Sale integrated system. The beauty of King Corp is their flexibility in POS offerings which is exactly how 10net thinks; to present the best solution to each individual client.’ – Dan Hagen, CEO 10net


About KingCorp:


Specializing in designing customized Point of Sale (POS) systems that fit the needs of Liquor Stores, high-volume retailers, multi-lane grocery stores and small businesses. King Corp has been helping business owners serve customers with uninterrupted payment interactions since 1969.

About 10net:


An experiential design company with a focus on technology. 10net offers a complete solution by designing, curating, and managing digital experiences. They help showcase your brand, products, and services using digital technology.