Get the most out of your experiential designer.

Experiential design is the art of transforming the space surrounding the visitor into something remarkable. Getting to that point of creating something memorable, it all starts with the bond between you and your designer.


Gaining knowledge of how to communicate with your designer opens so many channels of collaboration and respect.  No-one knows your business and your clients better than you, so here are a few little tidbits on how to make that relationship with your designer exceptional.

Have a vision

Like all professionals, designers love to please their clients.  If you have a vision, it makes it much easier for everyone to quickly get on the same page and ensure the overall outcome is what you were expecting or exceeds expectations.

Ask questions

Designers like to talk about expectations, as they don’t want to waste their time, and more importantly, yours.  If you’re asking questions it means that you’re understanding where they are coming from, this eliminates so many areas for error and miscommunication. Be open, your designer will thank you for being honest about what is being conveyed.

Build on what the designer brings you

Collaboration is key.  There are designers in the world that like their vision to be the mecca that is your brand, however, generally, designers are happy to take constructive criticism and develop the idea further.  Creative block is the worst, so if you can offer a few little nuggets of inspiration, this could be the pièce de résistance to what you’re all working towards.

Think about the space

In our realm of experiential design and technology, we look at the space; the room, the building, whatever it may be, and consider the possibilities. We take the time to build on what is already in place, the lighting, the sounds, the people in the space, the feeling, even the scent.

We build on the opportunity to develop an environment that transcends a simple video wall.

Think about the space with us, as mentioned before, you know this area so well, what have you always wanted, how do you picture it? Because really, whatever you can dream up, we can make a reality.