10net and Unified Brand – Partnership

10net and Unified Brand are partnering up. That’s right, they are joining forces to create a more personalized digital experience for you. It has been said that two heads are better than one, so they are putting that to the test.

‘10net is pumped to work alongside Unified Brand. As an experiential design team, now we have a greater capability to offer a directed customized content “channel” which happens to be in-line with our primary mission of maximizing a personalized guest experience.’ Dan Hagen, CEO of 10net

10net and Unified Brand both offer digital signage solutions that include fully managed services. The decision to partner will help both expand their market reach as the partnership comes at a time when the digital signage market is rapidly expanding and changing.

‘We are excited to partner with 10net in an effort to make both of our companies more competitive in the market space’ said Will Worosylla, President and CRO of Unified Brand.  ‘We have recognized that customers want an end-to-end solution that includes the key piece of any digital signage solution and that is the content curation and management on the back-end of the installed solution…’


About 10net


10net Managed Solutions is an experiential design company with a focus on technology. They help you market your brand, products, and services using digital technology. With expertise in spatial design and engineering, 10net delivers a fine-tuned, tailored experience to suit your needs. They offer a complete solution by designing, curating and managing digital experiences.

About Unified Brand


Unified Brand builds custom TV channels for use within business locations as an alternative to cable and over-the-air channels.  From its primary office in Phoenix, Arizona, it produces solutions that serve three (3) primary network segments: (1) AutoVision TV, (2) NetNeighborhood TV, (3) Enterprise TV provides customized TV channels in a business’s visitor. Since incorporating in 2009, Unified Brand has been ahead of the market curve in providing customized and managed TV channels that offer unlimited monthly changes to content. Unified Brand is recognized as a leader in the market for managed content services.