Thank you Simon Sinek

Like many small and hopefully growing business machines, the founders have an idea, more than a vision, to begin the lofty process of moving their new business forward. Regardless of education, experience, or finding most lessons learned are through The School of Hard Knocks…you stumble across Simon Sinek and his now infamous ‘Start with Why’ Ted Talk. (Cue heroic music!)

10net had plowed head first into a wall and gave ourselves a huge bump on the top of our heads (as high as the ceiling).

We thought we knew ‘What’ we did – we did not.

We could almost answer ‘How’ we do our magic; almost.

And, we had no idea of ‘Why 10net’ or ‘Why’ 10net existed.

Our initial facilitated strategy sessions produced an overflowing bushel yield of ideas. After heated and passionate discussions, frustrating silent moments, and tear-producing belly laughing, 10net’s ‘What’ became the foundation of our Managed Services value-focused Trusted Advisor role. 10net’s ‘Why’ followed the Team we have built, celebrating each person’s uniqueness, diversity, and talent.

Why 10net? To challenge what’s normal and to do it better!

But, my thank you to Simon Sinek is the ‘How’.

We describe our ‘How’ by stretching granny-panties between Marketing an IT. I know it’s a bit crazy and off-the-wall risky, which ironically fits 10net perfectly.

It is our Team.

It is our Culture.

It is How we work as a Team.

It is How we communicate.

It is How when our backs are against the wall,

With Technical Issues

With Vendors

With Partners

With Clients

With Financing

With Cash Flow

We give a shit more than anything else.

10net gives a shit.

The very breath of 10net emanates How we will be your trusted advisor, How we will re-earn your trust every day, and How we have the courage to show our hearts in everything that we do!

And for that, for that How, I thank you Simon Sinek.

Check out the video in case you haven’t seen it yet.