DSE: A tale of an epic digital journey.

You are only as strong as your whole team, and we left DSE stronger as a team. Between dinners, haunted museums and networking events, we have grown stronger and have learned so much from each other – this event proved it.

‘The opportunity to meet and speak with our industry colleagues all in one spot was a highlight. We truly have the very best people in our industry and it’s rare that we can all get together under one roof.’ – Alex Fortin, Account Executive, 10net.

You are only as strong as your whole team.


DSE was a sea of people with orange lanyards, button-up shirts and smiles on their faces. Everyone was there to walk the floor, see the latest and greatest technology, perhaps learn something new, and meet some potential clients. There was some friendly competition going on and definitely some egos to be seen. ‘The highlight of DSE for me was the quality of conversations I had – whether it was with a vendor, integrator, or end user. Folks were engaged and seemed genuinely excited to be there.’ Adam Proulx, Director of Business Development, 10net.

Let’s talk technology; there were some real winners at this event and too many to list. Ambio Film, https://www.ambiofilm.com, stood out as pretty creative and ‘dope’, it is definitely a product more people should be using. E-Ink, https://www.eink.com, got Kirsty, our Graphic Designer, super excited. ‘This product can help you to create a truly immersive experience and not feel too flashy or over the top, it’s unassuming and thoughtful’.

All the big guys had huge booths again, showcasing large installs with multiple screens, I cannot say anything was revolutionary, but I am told that I am not easy to please.

‘The highlight for me was getting to meet our vendors, partners, and customers, face to face. I was better able to understand what each of them is looking for.’ – Clarence Chiu, Strategy and Execution 10net.

The 10net Booth on open day of DSE 2018

We had our first booth this year and overall I’d say it was a success! Oh, the comical things that can go wrong with a booth set up and tear down, but we made it out alive! We were located with Scala, as we are a partner, right next to our friends from Dot 2 Dot Communications and Telecine. We could not ask for better booth neighbours, we learned so much from them. A lot of people we knew came by to say hello, (thank you), as well we got to chat with many new people. It was amazing to get to share the ‘why’ of 10net and to highlight our amazing culture.

‘Meeting seasoned vets in the digital signage game and getting valuable insight into customer relations was a win for me. Also learning how to better serve my customers, and potential customers was definitely a highlight.’  – Michael Anderson, Account Executive, 10net.

A first for DSE, and us was the Woman of Digital Signage breakfast and networking event. This was a room filled with smart, amazing women, all there because they add value to the Digital Signage space; we are talking Creatives, Marketers, Coders, movers and shakers.

In a sea of men, it was nice to meet women in the industry and learn how women are adding value and a voice in this male-dominated industry.  ‘We’re buzzed about creating extraordinary experiences for our customer’s customers…’ – Kirsty Graham, Creative Services, 10net.

We can’t wait to see where the rest of this year takes us, and if DSE is any indication, it will take us far. We left inspired, stronger and with such sore feet!