Always. Happy. To. Help.

Our specialty is Digital Managed Content. We stage everything in our office and I personally run all equipment through its paces prior to installation, that way, I know all of the nuances for all of our setups. My passion is to break things and find a fix so that you don’t have to!

Even so, there are some situations that still arise, no matter how much we plan.

Each day I monitor all devices in our inventory for connectivity and to ensure everything is playing content as expected. If I do come across a player without connectivity I will investigate the issue and try to resolve before the client notices anything is wrong. I aim for minimal disruption to the client and their customers.

After a little while, if I still don’t know what is wrong I will call the site to apologize and see if there is anything going on. I get all of my manuals and documentation out at the ready. Armed to the teeth, I call the site just to be told: “oh yea we took that down to decorate”. *Facepalm*

I hear it all…

“Our displays are black! Fix it! Did we break it?”

“Is the standby light on?”

“Yes it is”

“Ok turn it on. Did that work?”

“Yes, it’s back on!”

Always happy to help! These are my favorite calls, it means that we are able to provide a solution swiftly and get you back up and running. It also means that I get to chat with you and find out how your day is going! Fancy a cup of tea and a natter? (that’s English for ‘let’s gossip’)

We aim to create beautiful and creative displays that look fancy but are user-friendly. Most of our displays are prepared and staged here so that they are as ‘plug and play’ as possible. This creates a seamless process that allows state of the art technology to operate in the consumer realm with ease. We challenge the norm and do it better. We are the architects of masterpieces.

No matter how complicated, shiny, and cutting-edge our installations can be, I still get asked the same question over and over…

“Mark, the printer is frozen, can you please take a look?”

Always. Happy. To. Help.