Not all screens are created equal: Consumer vs. Commercial, the age old debate.

So you’re thinking Digital Signage, excellent choice my friend. As I am sure you know, a large part of creating a true Digital Signage experience is selecting the appropriate display to, well, display your content and convey your customer’s message. Therefore, you want something bright and shiny that will work. Plain and simple.

Purchasing the right display for your business is not an easy decision. Deciding on the display location, content and lighting to help create a great customer experience is the first step. Then you go down to your local Best Buy or Costco, because all displays are the same, right? Of course, the answer is NO, but you already knew that. Allow me to explain why.

The difference in engineering between consumer and commercial screens starts to become quite clear when you see a side by side comparison. It is true that both consumer and commercial displays will provide a great picture, but when it comes to Digital Signage, you are going to want a display that is engineered to perform the way you need it to. Simply put, commercial displays are built stronger, and have tested positive for performance enhancements. They are meant to run non-stop, can easily be mounted and have the flexibility to fit any physical environment. All this allows you to create a truly immersive experience. Commercial screens also have a “don’t mess with the display mode” for those folks that like to press buttons they shouldn’t.

In many cases, price seems to be the leading factor but you first need to ask yourself, ‘what is the best solution for my needs’ before buying. Whether a screen costs $.50 or $5,000, if it does not meet your needs, you’re making a bad investment buying simply because it was the cheapest. The price of consumer screens has decreased over the last several years and continues to fall for various reasons. Commercial grade displays tend to be a bit more pricey however, the features they offer and their ability to perform to your customers’ expectations should be the deciding factor when purchasing your display(s).

Have a look at a side by side comparison of the features you can get with consumer and commercial grade screens. Hold onto your seat, this is a riveting read. We have included some images for your viewing pleasure.

Not all displays are created equal nor do they serve the same purpose. When we speak about commercial vs. consumer screens we are really comparing apples to oranges; they are simply not the same. Before making a decision that will impact how others view your business, have a look at how consumer screens stack up against commercial. Keep in mind that your choice will impact how people view your messaging and business, which ultimately impacts the message you are trying to send – literally and figuratively. Kind of like that old saying `you are what you eat`…

If you do have a new project you need to knock out of the park or are upgrading an older project through a revamp initiative, give us a call. Our team will work with you to ease your pain points and recommend a customized solution that fits your needs. We love helping and I guarantee you`ll look like a Digital Signage genius at your next dinner party.