Can we put this in a blog post? Why not…we love a happy customer!

We are working on getting better at reaching out and simply asking our customers how we are doing. Business is all about relationships and we feel we learn so much from our clients so we thought we’d highlight one here.  At WCI Media Studios Vancouver, they do Architectural 3D Rendering, Animation & Creative Studio…they bridge the gap between concept & reality.

WCI has been a client for over four years, here is a bit of what they wanted to share with us…

Q: Can you tell me about why you were looking for digital signage and how you are using it?

A: Our client on this project is using digital signage in their real estate development sales centre. They use it to display floor plans, renderings of the project, virtual walkthroughs, and have potential buyers interact with the project.

Q: So far, what is the reaction to your new signage?

A: So far, our client’s reaction has been very positive. This is a repeat client for us and they’ve used the ELO product on multiple projects now.

Q: Has your digital signage met or exceeded your expectations?

A: I’m a big fan of this stuff so it always exceeds my expectations.

Q: How likely are you to recommend our services to a friend or colleague?

A: We do all of the time, with all of our clients.

Q: Lastly, why did you choose 10net?

A: We’re a repeat client with 10net and have been working with the team for almost 4 years now. We have a great working relationship and really like the team.

We are truly humbled, thank you WCI for choosing 10net.