Digital Signage. Do not fear the answer is clear.

Digital signage is a powerful technology. One by one digital signs are replacing static ones.

Customers do not simply glance at a digital sign, they engage. A digital sign can truly make an impression with 70% of people saying they can recall the message. That is huge! You cannot get that rate of recall from social media alone.

These days signs are used for good if designed right. Digital signage is now proven to increase engagement and action with content that educates, engages and shows off services and products. It’s engaging, has a call to action and is easily customizable and changeable. What more could you want?!

Ask yourself:


If you are thinking of incorporating digital signage into your stores, make sure you to ask a few questions when engaging with a potential vendor.

  1. Is it scalable?
    The software should work on a single screen or enterprise-wide messaging across the globe.
  2. Does it have user-friendly tools and templates?
    You’ll want your software to have easy design and scheduling tools.
  3. What type of support is available to me? Does the vendor offer training?
    To successfully launch and maintain your system, you’re going to need some help. Be sure you understand
  4. What are the purchasing options?
    Talk to potential vendors about the different options like software only, bundled solutions or cloud-based subscription services.

Don’t seek attention, grab it by the horns.

Captivate your customers with incredible content. It is that simple. People are more likely to pay attention to colourful, moving images rather than a static poster. They drive sales and never go stale. Can you say that of printed materials? Don’t worry, you can create your own content or ask us for help. We are friendly.

A digital sign won’t break the bank.

Many brick and mortar stores have stopped getting posters printed and have turned to new digital technology. In the long run, you will be saving money. Digital signage is more affordable than you think. There are out of the box options and fully custom options to fit any budget. Our goal is to find an option that you are comfortable with so you can see your business grow.

Be bold, and don’t be scared to take the leap!