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BC Ferries

BC Ferries is one of the largest ferry operators in the world, providing year-round vehicle and passenger service on 24 routes to 47 terminals, with a fleet of 34 vessels. BC Ferries provides all major passenger and vehicle ferry services for coastal and island communities in British Columbia.


BC Ferries wants a unified digital signage solution and a digital signage partner that is able to:

  1. Engage passengers with travel and safety information, wayfinding, on-ship menu boards, on-ship retail advertising, and on-highway or parking messages.
  2. Present employees with company events, human resource messages, charitable initiatives, and dashboards with performance indicators.
  3. Responsive to operational changes at a moment’s notice.
  4. Create a scalable display network over an area with great logistical challenges for servicing and support.
  5. Provide industry-leading service level guarantees for hard to reach or remote locations.


10net provides a large breadth and depth of products and services that includes:

  1. On-site personnel, pro-active maintenance and advanced remote tools to be able to field 24/7 coverage of all vessels and terminals with signage.
  2. Custom design and installation of large outdoor LED signs.
  3. Video, audio, and control systems for ships.
  4. Custom mounting for signage, outdoor signage, video walls, specialty display hardware integrations, custom content programming and integrations.


BC Ferries is in possession of a digital signage network that is effective, reliable, and responds to the varied needs of a large organization. In partnership with 10net, BC Ferries has decided to aggressively expand their signage endeavors on top of this success story.


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