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Subaru Canada

Confidence has been a key ingredient in every Subaru model ever built and the meaning behind our brand promise “Confidence in Motion” is and has always been the heart and soul of our company.


Subaru wanted to provided an industry leading customer service area that informed, engaged and entertained customers.


We outfitted Subaru with a coast-to-coast advertising and information network for all of their customer service areas that included:

  1. Two large format displays that show a real-time, data-driven repair status automated engine; branded with news, sports and entertainment.
  2. Turn-key services included: Installation, logistics, project management, content creation, design, and management services.
  3. Content management portal where Subaru was able to contribute and manage content.
  4. Pro-active maintenance, remote and on-site support including industry-leading service level guarantees for all locations nationwide.


We have empowered Subaru to directly engage clients with digital communication and advertising. Subaru is now able to target key products and services to specific demographics, while sharing service status and wait times with their clients. This has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and brand awareness, and an uplift in service transactions.


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