Case studies

Little Flower Academy (LFA)

Little Flower Academy is an independent Catholic girls’ day school located in the Shaughnessy neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


The administration and staff at LFA wanted a school-wide communications medium that is able to:

  1. Promote future school events and activities
  2. Showcase past and ongoing school activities, awards, graduations, students, and staff.
  3. Display class rotation schedules (Day 1 or Day 2)
  4. Feature education, spiritual, and safety messages
  5. Display school news and the school’s twitter feed.


10net provided a turn-key solution with custom content integration and programming that features:

  1. Reusable content templates and a content layout design to fit LFA’s design standards
  2. Simple to use user interfaces and workflows to fit LFA’s capabilities in produce content.
  3. Calendar integration to show display class rotation schedules (Day 1 or Day 2)
  4. Twitter integration


Staff at LFA, like most organizations, is constrained with human resource and technical limitations. 10net listened to their needs and worked with staff to create customized interfaces that fit LFA’s workflow. LFA is now able to quickly and independently produce, add, and manage professional-looking content on their screens. LFA enjoys the continued support and success provided by 10net.


Digital Signage
Content integrations
User Interface and Workflow

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